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Tipp City began a new dimension in school use and community cooperation – the Tipp City Community School Program. It was the beginning of a unique program of cooperation among the school board, the city council, and the township trustees.

Organizational change took place and Tipp Monroe Community Services, Inc. was formed.

In the spring of 1975, Ken Frisch, Jeannie Parsons, and Claudia Pankake met with the Community School director and decided to bring Community Theater to Tipp City in the form of “Music Man”. The Tipp City Players was incorporated in 1976.

The green umbrella was adopted as the Community School logo and is still used today. The color green symbolizes the color of hope, and the umbrella represents the pooling of all community needs and resources into one central agency.

As TMCS continued to strive to meet the community needs a number of new activities were developed: 3rd-4th-5th-6th Grade Boys’ and Girls’ Youth Basketball League, Men’s Industrial Softball League, Men’s 35 and over Basketball League, and the Community-Wide Garage Sale. Administrative assistance was provided to the Lion’s Club Eye Glass Program, the Dayton Metro Basketball Program, and Mum Festival. Other services that were provided include, registration for Tipp City Junior Baseball, SAY Soccer, and Safety City.

In the 1980’s, it became apparent that a “Community Relief” fund was needed to assist residents with temporary financial needs. The Fellowship of Churches gave TMCS the authority and financial aid to administer this fund. The Christmas Gift Giving program began in the mid 1990’s and still assists families in need with Christmas gifts for their children

In 2007, Tipp Monroe Community Services established an independent 501 (c)(3) agency – Tipp City Enrichment Program. This program provides educational enrichment to children in grades PreK-5th grade. The program has been led by a dynamic group of individuals who continue to make it grow and flourish.

The Tipp City Area Arts Council was developed in 2009 and was housed under the Tipp Monroe Community Services until 2016.

To keep up with the every changing needs of our community TMCS continues to have adjusted our educational and recreational programs to include: NFL Flag Football, Purse Auction, Ninja Obstacle Challenge, 3rd-12th grade Youth Basketball and continued with old traditions: Annual Run for the Mums, Halloween Parade & Party and the town favorite, Visit with Santa.

The agency also provides support to community groups with local community projects and/or programs: Veteran’s Memorial Park, K-9 Fund, Destination Imagination, Tippecanoe Community Band, Tree Fund, DARE and Fill the Truck for Texans (2017).

Since the inception of the Mobile Meals Program in 1977 and the Community Relief Program in the 1980’s. TMCS has expanded the Social Service Programs to meet the needs of our community. Programs included: Eyeglass Program; Instrument Loan; Good Samaritan Fund, Community Outreach Program, Diaper and Formula Fund, Lunch on Us – serves free lunches to children during the summer months (6508 meals served in 2018); School Supplies Fund, Emergency Dental Program and in 2018 started the Snack Pack Program – Friday bags for 6th-12th grade students.

The motto for Community Services has always been “We can’t do it without you!” This has held true throughout the evolution of one terrific idea to create a program so unique that it has gained statewide recognition for Tipp City.